We are Making Brand Identity of your company with Intelligent Creative Design and outputting


Silentext visions not only to solve problems with design, but also problems with perfection in aesthetics and art behind it. When business identity is a problem, we offer the excellence, not just a solution. Branding has never been a problem when Silentext works in favor of a business. Silentext produces a cascading time where designs dance on the stage of aesthetics and art.


Creating and maintaining a brand is art. This art consists of presenting a uniform message across the whole operations of a business process. The message is what a company wants to communicate to its potential consumers, and that makes the brand identity. A company’s brand identity should reflect the intrinsic qualities that the company considers to be important, so that it sends out the right message to the prospective audience. Silentext asserts the same; for sure! The significance in the total process is design, which is the most effective way that determines your business, we belive.


Silentext came in the real world offering in early 2001 with a goal to help design brand identity of the startups and enterprises. Since its formation, Silentext holds on to the goodwill of excellent service and has achieved recognition from the foremost establishments of Bangladesh.


Silentext works with a team of talented graphics designers to ensure the best possible and potential expression to your product and convey the right message to the target audience of your company. Silentext professionals are consistently capable of creating impressive and appropriate corporate identities, and efficiently rolling out brands with innovative design ideas.

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We offer two modes of services for your company: One: A total Corporate Contract for design, print and other media managements. That is to sign up to an annual or longer contract for total design, print and other media management solutions of a corporation. Two: A Specific Contract for any special issue. That is to contract for one of the inside services.

Support Policy

For your convenient we receive order via telephone and e-mail. Also we have staff support to reach your door on call. To make a communication fruitful we always use multiple communication tools. Our services make your decisions easier by allowing a full life cycle approach to design, outputting and packaging your products, warehousing your packaging materials and in time shipping to your destination.





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From our birth to till now we have an enormous reliance on human capital, as accordingly we have made the compilation of multiferial knoledge, skill and creativity based human team. This key team keeps Silentext ever creative, most effectively functional and ethical in business. It consists of the following key people:


founder // CEO

Rifat Hasan

Designer. Brand expert. Founder and CEO of the company. Rifat is the key driving force behind all the creativity, design and workforce in the company.

Morshedul Alam

QC expert and researcher. Morshed is advisor on Quality & Ethics. He looks after quality production management!

Masud Zakaria

Brand expert, researcher and motivator. Masud is our friend advisor. He advises on research and brand development!

Morkarrom Hossain

Linguist and educator. Mokarrom is our friend advisor. He advises on linguistic accuracy and aesthetics.

Ariful Islam

Designer and artist. Arif leads the staff designers, as well as manages production chain in the company

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